Our Vineyards

The vineyards owned by the winery KAUKY are located in the Eastern part of the Oltrepò Pavese, an area characterized by soils with fine textures, mainly located in high and cool positions, more rainy than the rest of the Oltrepò, with milder temperatures and greater temperature daily changes.

The hills grow to medium-high heights, ranging from 200 to 550 meters and are characterized by slopes with exposure to east-west and moderate slopes.

The wines produced here are complex, characterized by floral notes accompanied by hints of ripe fruit, with the fragrance of spices and dried vegetable. The high temperature range offeres to our wines special freshness and good structure.

Oltrepò Wine

With its 13,500 hectares of vineyards, the Oltrepò Pavese is one of the first Italian wine areas by extension, the first in Lombardy.

Just for the conformation of the territory and the organoleptic characteristics of the soil, the vine pinot noir is the greatest and the undisputed star of the production of this territory.