The Winery

The winery KAUKY has over a century of experience in winemaking.
Come and visit us to find out more about our processing methods. We will show you how the winery KAUKY has combined tradition and innovation to get a natural product with a unique taste.

Book a visit to the winery KAUKY.

During the visit you can learn more about the history of the winery KAUKY, we will talk about sustainable agriculture and the art of viticulture. In the winery you will follow the route taken by a bunch of grapes, from when they are picked up until they turn into wine.



Since 2002, the winery KAUKY has achieved the ISO 9001: 2008 Certification, investing energies and initiatives in the field of quality management control and planning, in the computerization and training. This milestone is only the starting point for bringing the winery KAUKY edge in domestic and international markets, with a special effort in the direction of quality.


The BRC standard, model recognized in England and rapidly spreading in many European countries, ensures that brand products are produced according to defined quality standards. IFS, is designed to facilitate the effective selection of suppliers of retail branded food, based on their ability to provide safe products, which conforms to contractual and legal requirements.


ICEA, Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification, is a consortium that controls and certifies companies that do business in the respect of sustainability and protecting the dignity of workers and consumer rights. ICEA is, for businesses and for consumers who choose the biological production, an internationally recognized hallmark in terms of reliability and quality.